Computer Science – IBA or FAST ?

So what do you want to study after college?


“Computer Science, I think. Yes, Computer Science. I’m good at Technology and it’s interesting. I mean, I really love Mathematics but it lacks research work and almost not employable…so I will go for IT. It has a lot of scope and its the new thing. “

And where do you want to go and study?


“I have good grades and I have worked hard for the pre-admission tests as well. I will try to get admission in the best university but I am confused. Is it IBA or FAST?”


Every intermediate student looking forward to becoming a Computer graduate has the same question in mind, in order to make the most of the university and to have a successful career in life.


There are certain factors that should be kept in mind before selecting a university:

Make sure what subjects you have chosen

Check out the courses offered and its content

See the campus life and environment

Career Opportunities for future

Find out about students accommodation (if you are from any other city)


IBA or FAST: The Best Institution for Computer Education


It is good to learn from other’s experience. The debate is not about any particular institution being good or bad but its about making a right career choice and who else then the students studying there or passed out can guide in this matter.


Referring to the group discussion we had on the same topic some of the ex- students, alumni, and mentors shared their opinions that will help everyone for making the best choice.


Career Opportunities:


Most of the students decide their graduation subjects depending on the job scope and salaries expected. Salik Khan, A Student at FAST as well as IBA says:


“ There is one thing that should also be considered and that is the alumni of FAST. At least in the tech industry of Karachi, Fast have the strongest alumni, and its a major plus point for Fastians with respect to job perspective. There is no doubt that Fast produces a major chunk of brilliant students that is because of its environment, unlike other universities, its 90% pure CS based. “


A recent graduate Raza Abbas states his opinion about the salary bracket as


“Salary Bracket. I think folks from IBA can guide better, but the average for my batch (we are graduating in a month, hopefully! xD) is lying somewhere around 60-70 atm. The highest offers are by now 90. I might be wrong, but I don’t think other CS programs are attracting such salaries for their fresh grads. ”


An IBA grad, Maham Tanveer defends her institute by saying


“I can surely say after 4 years that FCS-Iba has come a long way after that and has grown a lot both in terms of the seriousness of the students towards the program and in terms of the job market too.”


Fahad Ali Bhatti, ex-student of both universities said


“ I believe, FAST will only help you if you are seeking a position in a software house as a programmer. The IBA brand can go well above that.”


Campus Life:


Raza Abbas also states about the famous life in fairly justified manner


“You won’t have a social life. Forget about it.”


Also ,


“ There would be little or no skill development other than your CS related faculties. (I mean FAST won’t provide you enough opportunities to develop as a public speaker, as a writer etc) ”


Arsalan Wahid Asghar, An IBA/FAST geek says:


“If you want the campus life culture supported by good computer science curriculum then IBA is the best option in Karachi for that.”


Courses, Content, and Growth:


Maha Tanveer also says that:


“As far as Iba is concerned, we’ll always have the advantage of that grooming we get in the 4 years.It’s like if you make something and also have the capability to sell it too vs you being the maker but aren’t able to sell, that’s where the difference comes.”


Raza Abbas sums it up for FAST:


“ FAST has a decent faculty when it comes to specialization courses, say, for example, Neural networks (I don’t think its being taught anywhere else), Data Science, Machine Learning, Information retrieval and text mining. Some of the product side electives are taught by teachers who are project managers at software houses so yeah, most of my fellows got jobs that way.


IF you wish to pursue MS abroad later, FAST is a nice choice since its recognized. I don’t know what’s the case with IBA, but if you study level 5 courses in BS at FAST, you’ll get exemption of some courses in some foreign universities.


Researches. I know quite a lot of teachers, who are avid researchers and are here at FAST just because of the leverages they receive. So if you want to plan a BS with a research orientation, I think it’d be a better choice. ”


Fahad also cleared  the growth concept of IBA by saying that


“Another thing that can be counted as a pro for IBA is the involvement of CED. Tech startups are a hot thing and a need for IT industry in Pakistan. And while I was completing my degree, I used to find at least 5 tech startups working in CED incubations every semester, most of them were by IBA grads and many had IBA undergrad students working there as part time.”



A completely unbiased review from Fahad Ali Bhatti can conclude this debate really well. As he says:



“This is all about personal preference. I couldn’t withstand the environment FAST provided so I switched. Similarly, one IBA student who wants an environment full of programmers and developers and doesn’t care much about other things might switch to FAST as well. And you can still pursue the job you want graduating from any of the universities mentioned and excel in it. Like I switched to IBA but still working as a developer in a software house dominated by FASTians. So again, it’s a matter of personal preference.


Hope this cleared your confusion!